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Mineral Magnet (TWI-5001)
Mineral Magnet (TWI-5001)
Mineral Magnet II (TWI-5001)
The amazing Mineral Magnet stops calcium deposits, scale and sediment buildup from forming in fresh water pipes. The strong magnetic field modifies the polarization of mineral salts in fresh water and restricts the formation and build-up of sediments and calcium deposits in water pipes, hot water tanks and hot water furnaces, which overtime, obstructs the flow and efficiency.

These 3.3" x 4.3" x 1.1" concave halves (3,870 GAUSS - biosouth (+) uni-pole magnets) fit virtually any incoming fresh water pipe (including PVC) and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The Mineral Magnet II magnetic water softener is made of rust proof polypropylene, its two jaws are equipped with four ceramic magnets, and installs in seconds with no tools by way of two rustproof wing nuts.

Within a few days, after applying your Mineral Magnet II, you should notice that soap will lather more easily and scale will begin to break down and come off the hot water heater element and tank. After a couple of weeks, it should be noticeably easier to wipe clean ceramic, plastic, glass and metal surfaces. The quantity of bath soap, dish soap, laundry detergent and laundry softening agents can now be reduced and scale should have loosened on shower heads and frequently used appliances that boil water, like coffee makers. By now, the scale in the hot water heater will have reduced to the point that water should heat up more quickly thus requiring less energy to achieve the desired temperature.

Within a month or so, clogged pipes will become as good as new and you will notice the improved flow and volume of water. Not only does the Mineral Magnet II magnetic water softener eliminate maintenance and repair bills for plumbing and appliances, it helps lower energy costs by restoring appliances to peak efficiencies as it helps eliminate the built-up deposits.

Most importantly, it does not modify the chemical composition of tap water as a water softener does. It keeps all of the essential mineral properties which are vital to good health and hygiene but eliminates the harmful effects of calcium on skin, hair, laundry and kitchen utensils.

For best results: Purchase three magnets and attach two magnets to the incoming water pipe before any junction at a distance of at least 3' past the water meter in the direction of flow or as close to where your water enters the house as possible and attach the third magnet to the pipe coming out of the hot water heater. When joining the two halves, make sure that the arrows are pointing the same direction.

During the stabilization period, it is advisable to open each faucet once a week for a minute or two in order to purge the loose fragments of scale which may have broken away from your pipes and clean the filter screens on your faucets if necessary. Repeat this process until the water runs clear (minimum of two weeks). The hot water tank should have 2 to 3 quarts of water purged once a month until the water runs clear. NOTE: If you have any type of filters in your water conduit, inspect them regularly during this stabilization period. The small tartar fragments generated by the Mineral Magnet II action can clog these filters. In this case, simply rinse and replace them as needed.

5 year manufacturer's warranty

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